TEKNA-THEOS Inc. is a non-profit biological research and education company in Orange Park, Florida. The company was formed to excite high school students about science and engineering careers through the design, construction and flight of a NOVEL BIORECTOR for use in space. Research activities include investigating potential chemical and mechanical countermeasures for microgravity induced bone loss.                  Read More>>
The United States has the potential to conduct relatively prolonged manned space missions. Many physiological changes have been identified and investigated during periods of weightlessness, and all body systems are influenced to some extent. Microgravity's most notable influence on the human body is also the primary physiological deterrent to prolonged manned spaceflight: demineralization of bone and the body's loss of calcium.    Read More>>
Orange Park-TEKNA-THEOS Inc. (TTI), a high school research and education company, is partnering with FCCJ's Aviation Center of Excellence, FLIGHTSTAR aircraft Services Inc. and the Challenger Center to sponsor AEROSPACE DAY 2007. This one day event uses America's aerospace assets to promote math and science to 6th - 10th grade students from Northeast Florida. Students will hear presentations by aerospace experts, compete in teams to solve aerospace ...     Read More>>